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Monday: August 08, 2022 12:17 AM

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CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to Schools

Feds probe BLM activist for allegedly pilfering funds

131 federal judges failed to recuse themselves from cases in which they had financial interest

The Google - Facebook Price fixing Scheme

FBI Has Maintained Secure Workspace Inside Dem Law Firm Perkins Coie

Obama, Biden Oval Office Meeting On January 5 Was Key To Entire Anti-Trump Operation

PA drug task force head honcho accused of pocketing $200K in seized cash

Jan 6 protest participants now Political Prisoners in Solitary confinement

FBI had big role in Gov Whitmer kidnap plot

Federal anti-terror unit investigated journalists

Federal Foreknowledge of Jan 6

FBI Has Maintained Secure Workspace Inside Dem Law Firm Perkins Coie

FBI Seized Congressional Cellphones

Big Tech data a treasure trove for police

leak uncovers massive abuse of global cyber-surveillance weapon targeting activists, politicians and journalists

Guilty until Proven Innocent
Who's in Americas prisons

How can you become a space tourist?

Trumps Critics and Lucritive Cash Flow Corpoate Board officers

Chinese Spys Target California Politicians

Arizona audit described how there were several ballot boxes with duplicated ballots

Jeffrey Epstein brought EIGHT young women with him on his trips to see Bill Clinton at the White House

Mastercard Looking at PornHub

Government used Patriot Act to gather website logs

The Black Lives Matter scam

Clinton campaign fined for Dossier to damage Trump in 2016

Former ABC News President in bed with dems to Produce Jan 6 Hearings

senators explore Chinese company's $1 million payment to Hunter Biden's firms

CIA veteran claimed credit 2020 election influence

CNN Sex Scandle Exposed Relationship With Dem Staffers

Disneys deal with florida

Generals cashing in after Afghanistan

Sex, drugs and dry wall the Life inside artist communes on San Francisco

FBi Covers Up Sex Scandle in senior ranks

Big Tech data a treasure trove for police

Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings to auction this spring for an estimated $70 million

Bitcoin mining is turning a New York lake Seneca into a hot tub

The Hidden Ties Between Spies and Journalists

CIA covered up staff sex crimes committed against minors

Atlanta School Separating Black and White Kids

Student Tatoos proof of coronavirus status pass

Climate Activist gets 8 years for vadalizing pipeline

Who's Responsible if a Tesla Autopilot Kills Someone

Ransomware and their criminal system work

The Google - Facebook Price fixing Scheme




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